Technical textiles are now fashionable

Posted on 2018-03-21 by Mouvtex

Technical textiles are the future of fashion

So far, technical textiles have been defined as “textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical and performance properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics” (The Textile Institute, 1994). In other words, providers have been developing versatile technologies whose touch, feel and elegance were not the prime focus. This might explain why technical textiles have succeeded in sportswear & outdoor while failing in formal wear.

Besides, all of the renowned technical fabric brands (like GoreTex, 37.5 or Cordura) are basing their technologies on synthetic materials; but composition is a key criteria of choice for day-to-day clothing and European customers strongly favor natural fibers like cotton, silk or wool.

Now, emerging companies are challenging the market by developing natural innovative fabrics so high-end customers are drawn to them regardless of their properties.

The trend towards functionalizing apparels has just begun…

Disrupting shirting using textile technologies – the case of INDUO®

One of these emerging companies is INDUO®.

Their dress shirt fabrics resist stains and perspiration.

This is a patented technology.

INDUO® fabric is made of cotton.

Its special properties can be explained by the combination of two qualities:

  • 1. Repellency
    The fabric is hydrophobic and lipophobic and thus repels liquids
  • 2. Breathability
    The cotton helps disperse perspiration to prevent underarm rings and the odors often associated with them.

Amazingly, these characteristics change nothing in the fabric’s hand and actually make it more appealing to the touch.

Plus, its perfectly invisible technology impacts neither the production process nor the fabric care (machine washable).

More info: www.induo-technology.com (portal dedicated to professionals)

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